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Milwaukee Tool Asia’s Transformative E-commerce Journey with Magento

Regarded as “Ferrari in the Power Tools world”, Milwaukee Tool emerged as a powerhouse in the power tool industry. Yet, their online presence in Asia just some years ago was confined to a basic product catalog on WooCommerce. Recognizing the need for transformation and a seamless shopping experience across Asian markets, they transformed their e-commerce business with Magento 2.

Nothing But Heavy Duty 

With a workforce of 5,500 employees and a remarkable revenue-per-employee ratio of $132,609, Milwaukee Tool stands tall as a global industry leader. Achieving a peak revenue of $729.3 million in 2022 and sustaining local currency growth exceeding 20% for the 9th consecutive year, the company’s success is evident.

A global footprint is critical to the company’s long-term future success.” 

– said Steve Richman, the president of Milwaukee Tool.

Comprehensive Solution

The foundation for Milwaukee Asia was laid quickly, and as they continue to strive for optimization, they made the decision to collaborate with DTN E-com. Teaming up with the DTN experts, Milwaukee Tool Asia embarked on a digital journey in November 2020. The result? A dynamic Magento 2 solution tailored to their unique needs, featuring:

  • A distinctive Magento 2 theme reflecting Milwaukee Tool’s brand identity
  • Meticulous data migration from WooCommerce to Magento 2
  • Multi-store configuration for diverse markets
  • Revitalized product catalog for better visibility and navigation
  • Empowered content management system (CMS) for easy content creation and editing
  • Revamped checkout process with diverse payment methods
  • Integration with the mPos app bridging physical stores and the digital realm

The current Homepage of Milwaukee Tool Hong Kong (Engish language)

Nailed it!

After 10 months of development, testing, and quality assurance, the Japanese website went live in August 2021, followed by launches in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia in September 2021. In the following years, Milwaukee Thailand, Indonesia, and Mongolia was put in motion. The results were prominent:

  • Enhanced sales conversion rate
  • Deeper customer loyalty with personalized recommendations
  • Expanded market reach through localized websites supporting multiple languages and currencies
  • Streamlined operational costs with optimized inventory management

Hyvä Theme

In September 2023, Milwaukee Japan smoothly transitioned to the Hyvä theme, boosting website performance. This marked a significant achievement, showcasing ongoing enhancements in this project.

The Homepage of Milwaukee Japan before and after the Hyva go-live, scored by Google Lighthouse Report

Long-term Partner

The partnership with DTN has been fruitful, with multiple websites running smoothly. The Milwaukee team commended DTN’s abilities, expressing their intention to continue with long-term services for future projects.

We have a very awesome PM, Suri. She’s very helpful. She takes care of things for us. She does all the communication with our team. She communicates with the developers and gives them clear guidelines, so she was able to make our projects very efficient.
Kevin Wu
Senior Developer Manager, Milwaukee Asia
The ability of the team to take on tasks has exceeded our expectations. You can always offer different ways to solve problems even when we ourselves are unable to think of anything else. Your skills have improved as time goes by, and it shows in the quality of the work.
Terrance Lam Hok Wing
Mobile Developer Lead​, Milwaukee Asia


From a basic online catalog to a digital powerhouse, Milwaukee Tool Asia’s collaboration with DTN and migration to Magento 2 yielded tangible results. With heightened sales conversion rates, bolstered customer loyalty, and expanded market reach across Asia, their journey signifies impactful e-commerce transformation. 

This success story is an inspiring testament for businesses aiming to make a significant impact in the dynamic realm of e-commerce. Join the revolution, transform your business, and partner with excellence for a journey toward digital success.

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