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DTN is a Certified Hyvä Supplier​ in Vietnam. Backed by two decades of e-commerce expertise, our solutions deliver unparalleled speed and performance for your online store. 
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Throughout our 18 years of founding and development, we have been providing e-commerce solutions for clients all over the world, from America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. More than 200 projects have been delivered, most of which generate tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue annually.

Strategy & Consulting

Our veteran Project Managers can offer you a wide range of advice regarding E-commerce.

UX & Solution Design

Our client-centric approach turns your wants and needs into your own intuitive and aesthetic website.


Over 40 skilled PHP, Magento, and Linux professionals are ready to deliver a comprehensive & exclusive solution.


We can integrate Magento with various external systems, from accounting, ERP, CRM, PIM, and marketing automation systems.


Our Magento Performance Optimization service will make your online store fly lightning fast to attract and retent your customers.


We've got your back! Our developers work closely with the QAs to deliver the best possible alignment with your requirements.

18 years. 200+ projects. 15+ countries



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We understand that the traditional waterfall project management model might not be ideal as it often is risky and error-prone. To minimize such unfavorable possibilities, DTN adopts Scrum/Agile methodology as the basis for developing and implementing e-commerce projects.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

At DTN, we consider our personnels the greatest resources.

Our clients


“One of the best bits about working with DTN is that they have the ability to work as a team, all moving in the same direction. And that’s rare. So that has to be applauded that Tony is able to create with that philosophy to drive everybody forward in the same direction.”
Nigel Aitchison
TTI Director EMEA Digital Services
VAX and TTI would not have achieved what we’ve achieved without DTN helping us get there so DTN needs to be told how well they do and how well they are respected in all of TTI. They are now seen as an integral partner to TTi Floorcare’s eCommerce division.
Nigel Aitchison
TTI Director EMEA Digital Services
The ability of the team to take on tasks has exceeded our expectations. You can always offer different ways to solve problems even when we ourselves are unable to think of anything else. Your skills have improved as time goes by, and it shows in the quality of the work.
Kevin Wu
Senior Developer Manager, Milwaukee Asia
I think that we have a very awesome PM, Suri. She takes care of things for us. She communicates with the developers and gives clear guidelines to them - so she was able to make our projects very efficient. You guys are very happy to work for us even under time pressure.
Terrance Lam Hok Wing
Mobile Developer Lead​, Milwaukee Asia
I'm really impressed how hard and efficient you are working Lucy! It's a pleasure working with you. Say hello to all on the team and give them a high five from me and keep up your great work.
Anders Uttrup
Group CMO, Shopall24.com
Thanks for being rigorous and efficient in your coding and testing. I love the working flow we are having right now and the way you organize it. You guys have good work and be structured in your thoughts.
Amadou T Agne
President & CEO, Koydol Inc.
After a number of failed attempts at recovering our project with other companies, we finally found DTN and I'm so glad we did. The team were excellent from the start. We can't wait to start our next project with DTN.
John Greenfield
CIO, Senior Consultant and Entrepreneur, Familyaction.com.au

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