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Transforming The Body Shop Website: A PWA-Powered Digital Renaissance

In September 2021, a monumental shift swept through the digital corridors of The Body Shop Malaysia & Vietnam, marking a transformative chapter in the remarkable partnership with DTN. This wasn’t just a website revamp; it was the culmination of eight years of unwavering dedication to redefining the digital beauty experience.

The Body Shop: Far Beyond a Shop

The Body Shop, a global beauty brand with an illustrious history dating back to its inception in 1976 by founder Anita Roddick in Brighton, England, has evolved into a beauty industry pioneer. Renowned for its ethical and environmentally responsible business practices, The Body Shop has transcended borders, currently boasting a presence in over 65 countries worldwide. With a diverse range of 1,000 meticulously crafted products, this iconic brand graces the shelves of more than 3,000 stores, establishing itself as a beacon of ethical consumerism and a steadfast advocate for a cruelty-free and sustainable beauty industry. 


Beyond cosmetics, The Body Shop’s commitment extends to supporting fair trade, sourcing ethically, and championing various social and environmental causes, shaping it into a global force for change within the beauty landscape.

The Body Shop brand and its iconic products

The Challenge: Bridging Past and Future

In 2013, DTN took the reins to build an e-commerce website for The Body Shop Malaysia using Magento 1 CE. Fast forward to 2021, the digital world had evolved, and it was time to embrace change. The challenge was multifaceted:


  • Upgrade to Magento 2: The first task was to transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2, a crucial step in ensuring scalability, security, and access to the latest features.
  • Aesthetic Revamp: The Body Shop Malaysia sought a new graphical design to align with its global branding. The goal was to create an online environment that was not only attractive but also deeply immersive.
  • Enhanced Features: The existing features needed a facelift to offer customers a more intuitive and engaging shopping experience.
  • Integration: Integration with a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system was essential for seamless operations. Additionally, the project included the integration of a new Loyalty platform to enhance customer engagement and retention.

The Solution: Crafting Excellence with PWA

The collaborative effort between The Body Shop Malaysia and DTN brought forth a transformation that touched every aspect of the digital experience, including the adoption of PWA technology:


  1. The Magento 2 Transition: Upgrading to Magento 2 was not just a technical shift; it was a leap into a more robust, secure, and feature-rich platform. This provided a solid foundation for the brand’s digital journey.
  1. Aesthetics That Inspire: The website’s new graphical design was not merely cosmetic. It was a statement of The Body Shop’s commitment to aesthetics and user experience. The refreshed look was not just attractive but also aligned seamlessly with the brand’s global identity.
  1. Features Reimagined: Every feature received a makeover. Navigation became more intuitive, product discovery more engaging, and the checkout process more streamlined. The website now effortlessly mirrored the immersive experience of strolling through a physical store.
  1. ERP Integration: Integrating a new ERP system was a game-changer. It ensured real-time updates on inventory, pricing, and order management. This improved efficiency and bolstered customer trust through accurate, up-to-date information. There was also a brief period when Anchanto was integrated into the MY TBS website.
  1. Loyalty Redefined: With the integration of the new Loyalty platform, The Body Shop Malaysia could now engage and reward its loyal customers like never before. Personalized offers and seamless rewards redemption added an extra layer of value to the shopping experience.
  2. PWA Enhancement: The adoption of PWA technology allowed The Body Shop Malaysia to provide a native app-like experience to its users. With features like offline access, fast loading times, and the ability to add the website to the home screen, the PWA aspect elevated user engagement and convenience to new heights.

Validations of The Body Shop Malaysia’s website by Google Lighthouse Report

The Outcome: A Digital Masterpiece

The results of this ambitious project were nothing short of exceptional:


  • A Seamless Experience: The upgrade to Magento 2 and the integration of PWA technology brought enhanced performance and stability, ensuring that the website could handle increasing traffic and deliver a seamless experience even during high-demand periods.
  • Beauty Meets Functionality: The new graphical design not only captivated visitors but also facilitated effortless product discovery and purchase, translating into higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: The ERP integration streamlined internal processes, reducing manual interventions and errors. Real-time data sync ensured that customers were always informed about product availability and pricing.
  • Customer Loyalty: Integrating the Loyalty platform deepened the connection between The Body Shop Malaysia and its customers. Personalized offers, rewards, and a frictionless redemption process encouraged repeat business.

The current homepage of 

A product page from 

A Digital Transformation with Impact

The Body Shop Malaysia’s revamp journey, powered by DTN and enhanced with PWA technology, showcased the profound impact of embracing digital transformation. It was not merely a technical upgrade but a statement of commitment to excellence in customer experience, aesthetics, and operational efficiency.


This endeavor stands as proof of how a brand steeped in tradition can embrace the digital era with a fresh perspective. It highlights that by forging a decade-long partnership with DTN and adopting a forward-thinking approach, any business can breathe new life into its digital presence. In essence, it illustrates that a harmonious blend of history and innovation can not only preserve a brand’s legacy but also propel it confidently into the future of e-commerce.


In a world where the digital landscape evolves at lightning speed, The Body Shop’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, combined with PWA technology, stands as an inspiring example for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital era. Beauty was not just a product—it was an experience, and The Body Shop succeeded in making that experience exceptional.

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