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Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation: A Case Study of The Body Shop Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia

In September 2021, The Body Shop Asia embarked on a significant digital transformation in collaboration with DTN, marking a pivotal moment in our eight-year partnership. This endeavor wasn’t just about revamping the website; it symbolized a continuous commitment to enhancing the digital beauty experience.

About The Body Shop

The Body Shop, a global beauty brand founded in 1976, has become a pioneer in ethical and environmentally responsible practices. Operating in over 65 countries, it is known for its diverse range of 1,000 meticulously crafted products and advocacy for fair trade and sustainability.

In summer 2013, DTN signed the contract with The Body Shop, officially in charge of building websites for this famous UK-originated brand in 3 Asian countries. We started with The Body Shop Malaysia and then expanded to Vietnam and Cambodia over the next following years.

The Body Shop brand and its iconic products


DTN built The Body Shop Malaysia’s e-commerce website on Magento 1 CE. By 2021, digital landscapes had evolved, prompting the need for change:

  1. Upgrade to Magento 2: Ensuring scalability, security, and access to the latest features.
  2. Aesthetic Revamp: Aligning with global branding for an attractive and immersive online environment.
  3. Enhanced Features: Improving customer experience through intuitive navigation and engaging features.
  4. Integration: Incorporating a new ERP system and Loyalty platform for seamless operations and customer engagement.

A snapshot of the Homepage of The Body Shop Malaysia before the revamp


The collaboration between The Body Shop and DTN resulted in a comprehensive transformation, including the adoption of Progressive Web App (PWA) technology:

  1. Magento 2 Transition: A shift to a more robust, secure, and feature-rich platform.
  2. Aesthetics: A refreshed design reflecting The Body Shop’s commitment to aesthetics and user experience.
  3. Features: Improved navigation, product discovery, and streamlined checkout for an immersive online shopping experience.
  4. Integration: Seamless ERP integration for real-time updates on inventory, pricing, and order management.
  5. Loyalty Redefined: Integration of a new Loyalty platform for personalized offers and seamless rewards redemption.
  6. PWA Enhancement: Utilizing PWA technology for a native app-like experience with offline access and fast loading times.

The current homepage of 

A product page from 


The results were impressive:

  1. Seamless Experience: Enhanced performance and stability for a seamless browsing and purchasing experience.
  2. Beauty Meets Functionality: The new design facilitated effortless product discovery, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
  3. Efficiency and Accuracy: Streamlined internal processes, reducing manual interventions and errors with real-time data sync.
  4. Customer Loyalty: The Loyalty platform strengthened the connection with customers through personalized offers and a frictionless redemption process.

Validations of The Body Shop Malaysia’s website by Google Lighthouse Report


The Body Shop’s digital transformation, powered by DTN and PWA technology, demonstrates the profound impact of embracing innovation while preserving a brand’s legacy. This journey stands as an inspiring example for businesses navigating the dynamic digital landscape, emphasizing the importance of customer-centricity and a forward-thinking approach. The Body Shop’s commitment to excellence showcases how a harmonious blend of history and innovation can confidently propel a brand into the future of e-commerce.

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