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Unveiling the Beauty Magic of Goodiebox: A Tale of Glamour and Innovation

Goodiebox, a rapidly flourishing startup specializing in subscription boxes filled with beauty products, has evolved into one of Europe’s leading beauty subscription services. Originating in Denmark, their growth has been remarkable, expanding from a single market in early 2018 to a flourishing presence in nine markets by the close of 2019. Steering their digital journey was DTN E-com, and we are thrilled to have been part of Goodiebox’s story since its inception as an entrepreneurial idea.

The Goodiebox Charm

At the heart of Goodiebox’s mission is simplicity – delivering monthly or quarterly beauty boxes with carefully chosen products to members across five countries. Each box, meticulously curated by their experts, contains 5-7 high-quality skincare, beauty, and makeup items, consistently surpassing its value, including delivery.

However, Goodiebox encountered a challenge: their existing platform wasn’t ideal for handling subscriptions. This pivotal moment led to a harmonious collaboration with DTN E-com, their trusted partner since the early days.

A snapshot of the current homepage from the website

Overcoming Challenges

Navigating the intricacies of managing vast customer data across multiple websites (for up to 9 countries) posed a significant challenge. With finesse, DTN’s experts ensure a seamless synchronization for Goodiebox members.

The complexity of Goodiebox’s subscription model demanded flawless management. Acknowledging that 80% of users preferred mobile devices, developers shifted their focus to speed optimization, refining the user experience for those enchanted by Goodiebox’s offerings.

A snapshot of some product pages from the website Goodiebox | Die ultimative Beauty Box | (

Crafting Solutions

Regularly tracking optimization reports, we addressed issues with precision. In UI/UX consultation, valuable insights into logic, payment gateways, and checkout flows were offered. We ensured a smooth user experience for those eager to indulge in the world of Goodiebox.

Regarding payment integration, a seamless connection with AltaPay and Adyen was established. Rigorous testing ensured flawless payment processing, further enhancing the overall Goodiebox experience.

A snapshot of the current homepage from the website 

The Glamorous Outcome

Commencing in 2012, the journey spanned ten remarkable years. With unwavering dedication, a platform emerged, now serving over 200,000 members across 13 European nations. In the following years, the annual revenue surged, as Goodiebox continues to grow and bring more and more happiness to its members.

An article about the Goodiebox by EU-Startups

Goodiebox’s journey, from Danish startup to European beauty favorite, transcends beyond boxes. With 200,000+ happy members across 13 countries, DTN E-com was there from the early days, enhancing monthly beauty surprises. Challenges were tackled, ensuring Goodiebox felt like home with smooth experiences and easy payments. The result? A cool platform reflecting tech skills and beauty fan smiles. With growing revenues and community, this chapter wraps up, promising more fun, innovation, and the magic of caring collaboration in the beauty and online shopping world.

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