Case Study

Hoover EMEA's PWA Journey with DTN

Hoover EMEA, a well-known household appliance brand, teamed up with DTN for a digital makeover. The goal was to improve the online experience for customers in the Middle East, focusing on Progressive Web App (PWA) development with a special touch for Arabic language users.

Project Overview

DTN took on a 20-month project with Hoover EMEA to give their online presence a facelift. The main objectives were to introduce PWA technology, make the website more user-friendly for Arabic speakers, and tackle issues related to React, PWA Studio stability, and existing bugs.

Challenges & Solutions

At the project’s kick-off, concerns were also raised about the stability of PWA Studio technology, and there were pesky bugs that needed attention. DTN approached the challenges systematically. To address concerns about PWA Studio stability, DTN implemented a rigorous testing and quality assurance strategy. This ensured a reliable and smooth user experience, putting Hoover EMEA’s worries to rest.

Arabic Language Support (دعم اللغة العربية)


In undertaking our first project involving the Arabic language, we dedicated our efforts to successfully shape the Hoover website into a meticulously crafted platform capable of addressing unique challenges. Seamlessly incorporating Arabic and adopting a right-to-left (RTL) script,  we ensure proper RTL support for layout, navigation, and text direction.


We also implemented responsive design principles and conducted testing on different devices to ensure a seamless experience. The website’s responsiveness on various devices guarantees an optimal user experience.


Moreover, through strategic deployment of Arabic search engine optimization, we elevated the website’s visibility. The Arabic content length and structure, which is different from Latin-rooted languages, was adeptly handled.


In essence, Hoover.sa emerges as a thoughtfully crafted, user-friendly, and culturally attuned Arabic platform, marking a successful milestone in our language-centric endeavors

A snapshot of the current homepage of https://www.hoover.sa with the Arabic language


The project made use of Magento GraphQL API to seamlessly integrate data into the PWA, ensuring a dynamic and responsive user interface. Tailwind CSS was chosen for styling, creating a visually appealing and responsive design that elevated Hoover EMEA’s online platform.


Despite initial challenges, the results were noteworthy. The members of the project became more proficient in using the React framework. The integration of Magento GraphQL API ensured a smooth data flow, enhancing the platform’s functionality.


Tailwind CSS brought a modern and innovative look to the website. The once-perceived-unstable PWA technology now delivered a fast and reliable user experience, contributing to increased site speed.




The collaboration between Hoover EMEA and DTN exemplifies the positive outcomes of strategic digital initiatives. The successful implementation of PWA technology, coupled with a focus on Arabic language support and overcoming technical challenges, resulted in a more user-friendly and visually appealing online platform.


The Hoover EMEA project underscores the significance of being flexible and working together in the constantly changing digital environment. DTN’s know-how, paired with Hoover EMEA’s dedication to adopting new technologies, not only tackled early challenges but also established a solid online presence for the competitive household appliance market.

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