Our Clients' Testimonials

What do our partners think about DTN?

It’s my pleasure because VAX and TTI would not have achieved what we’ve achieved without DTN helping us get there so DTN needs to be told how well they do and how well they are respected in all of TTI.
Nigel Aitchison
IT/IS-direktør, TTi Floorcare, EMEA
I continue to be impressed by the quality of the work of the team; they are now seen as an integral partner to TTi Floorcare’s eCommerce division.
Nigel Aitchison
IT/IS-direktør, TTi Floorcare, EMEA
[The most noticeable improvement was] An expansion of our team which give me the ability to do more things faster. The number of tasks, in general, gets done faster. It’s cost-saving. If we employ the same number of developers in the UK it probably would be 3 times as much.
Jonathan Saxelby
Head of Development, Vax Ltd
When you say it’s ready or demonstrate something you do, you are true to your words in a way that developers in other countries are not. Being able to rely on DTN, to trust DTN, that’s the most important thing and we’re heading in the right direction.
Richard Locke
Lead Developer, Vax Ltd
We have a very awesome PM, Suri. She’s very helpful. She takes care of things for us. She does all the communication with our team. She communicates with the developers and gives them clear guidelines, so she was able to make our projects very efficient.
Kevin Wu
Senior Developer Manager, Milwaukee Asia
The ability of the team to take on tasks has exceeded our expectations. You can always offer different ways to solve problems even when we ourselves are unable to think of anything else. Your skills have improved as time goes by, and it shows in the quality of the work.
Terrance Lam Hok Wing
Mobile Developer Lead​, Milwaukee Asia

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