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In September 2023, Milwaukee Japan (JP) achieved a milestone by smoothly transitioning to the Hyvä Theme, underscoring their commitment to ongoing project enhancements. The Hyvä Theme, introduced in 2020, revolutionized the traditional Magento 2 interface, prioritizing website speed, improved performance, and cost reduction.

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Key Features of Hyvä Theme

  1. Innovative Design: Hyvä Theme replaces the traditional Magento2 interface, incorporating Alpine.js and Tailwind CSS to create a modern and efficient design.
  1. Performance Boost: The theme significantly improves website speed, with an impressive average visit duration of 10.3 minutes per session.
  1. Time-Efficient: Milwaukee reported a 30% to 50% reduction in build time, showcasing the theme’s efficiency in development.
  1. Extensive Compatibility: With over 250 official Magento extensions, Hyvä Theme ensures compatibility and flexibility in customization.
  1. Global Presence: Operating in 50+ countries, the theme has been adopted worldwide, highlighting its versatility and adaptability.

Why Choose Hyvä Theme?

  1. High Speed: Experience faster website performance.
  1. Optimized Performance: Achieve improved overall site functionality.
  1. Easy Access: Enhance user experience with a user-friendly interface.
  1. Simple Maintenance: Facilitate fast and straightforward site maintenance.
  1. Cost-Effective: Realize reasonable costs with the Hyvä Theme.

Challenges & Solutions

The Milwaukee team encountered challenges during the implementation of the Hyvä Theme. Complex logic and overlapping issues were addressed, and the team faced a unique challenge with Japanese fonts on the JP site, leading to slow page loading and reduced website scores.


Despite challenges, the team developed solutions to optimize the Japanese font sets. Testing these solutions on the site, they successfully overcame difficulties related to font optimization and improved overall site performance.

Results and Achievements

The most notable success for the Milwaukee team was the successful go-live of the Hyvä Theme on the Japan site. The home page ( transitioned to the Hyvä Theme on September 25, aligning with the customer’s plan.

The site witnessed a substantial improvement in performance, achieving a high score on Google Pagespeed Insights.

The Homepage of Milwaukee Japan before and after the Hyva go-live, scored by Google Lighthouse Report on desktop
PageSpeed Score Comparison between Default Blank Theme and Hyvä Theme 
The Mobile Score of The Homepage of Milwaukee Japan after the Hyva go-live


Milwaukee Tool Japan’s successful implementation of the Hyvä Theme reflects the theme’s adaptability and effectiveness in overcoming challenges. With improved performance and seamless integration, Hyvä Theme has proven to be a valuable asset in Milwaukee’s digital transformation journey. The team’s dedication and innovative solutions have set a benchmark for leveraging technology to enhance user experiences and overall website functionality. 

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