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With a substantial 45-year legacy in the home appliances and floor care sector, VAX has solidified its standing as a respected industry leader, leaving an enduring mark on the market. Grounded in their innovative approach to product development and technology integration, VAX’s distinctiveness is unmistakable. Their most recent integration of the Hyvä Theme has prompted a significant enhancement in the website’s performance.

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Introduction to Hyvä Theme’s Impact

For those unfamiliar, the Hyvä Theme stands as a beacon of modernity within Magento 2’s landscape. Crafted with Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js, it provides a responsive, swift front-end experience. Going beyond aesthetics, it features a clean, modular codebase, fostering ease of customization and maintenance. Hyvä’s essence revolves around performance, accessibility, and seamless usability. Rooted in native Magento features and a preference for simplicity over complexity, it offers flexibility and scalability like never before.

Exploring Hyvä Theme: Where Modern E-Commerce Meets Simplicity

The Enhancement in Motion

The journey commenced cautiously, given the relatively recent introduction of the Hyvä Theme, prompting initial scrutiny. Several prior attempts were made to enhance the site, including code optimizations, integration of external plug-ins, utilization of built-in content, and data analysis. However, a notable improvement remained elusive.

By March 2023, a solution named Hyva Theme emerged, successfully captivating VAX UK’s attention. They then committed to this transition, placing their trust in a steadfast 7-year partnership with DTN E-com. The mission was concise—enhance VAX’s digital imprint, elevate user experiences, and reduce cart abandonment.

The collaboration took center stage, harmonizing aspirations with design nuances. The transformation unfolded methodically:

  • The Hyvä Theme found its virtual home in a controlled staging environment.
  • Theme settings and layout intricacies were aligned with precision.
  • VAX’s brand seamlessly merged with Hyva’s canvas.
  • Hyva’s components gracefully danced with VAX’s functional core.
  • Rigorous testing followed, focusing on speed, SEO finesse, and compatibility.
  • The climax—Hyva’s debut on the live digital landscape

The Homepage of after the implementation of the Hyvä Theme

A Symphony of Improvement

The digital stage transformed, not just in appearance but essence—leaner, swiffer, and undeniably captivating. Hyva’s essence enabled VAX to handle content and features with newfound ease, reshaping their digital narrative. Loading times become impressively faster, ensuring a seamless visitor experience. The Lighthouse score soared, and the conversion rates experienced a boost, resonating with engagement. Bounce rates saw a drop and customer satisfaction grew.

Website performance comparison before and after the implementation of Hyvä Theme, scored by Lighthouse
Website performance comparison before and after the implementation of Hyvä Theme, scored by GTmetrix
Latest Performance Report for by GTmetrix

“I just wanted to say how successful the Hyvaa deployment has been. Thank you for the big push to get this over the line, it has given us a great platform to address the performance of the site and early indicators are showing massive leaps in our online performance statistics.

Please send our thanks to the team and an excellent job well done.”

Jonathan Saxelby – Head of Development, Vax Ltd

Reflecting their dedication to innovation, VAX’s embrace of the Hyvä Theme embodies their unwavering commitment to crafting remarkable digital landscapes. As the story unfolds, the VAX team embarks on the next chapter, where the brilliance of the Hyvä Theme elevates the website’s checkout page experience.

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