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Private Sales for Friends & Family website: TTI Group's Employee-Centric Success Story

In the pragmatic world of manufacturing and power tools, TTI Group has discovered a smart way to offer unique advantages to the employees  – a private sales site exclusively for its European workforce. Let’s explore how TTI brought this idea to life.

About TTI

With brands like Milwaukee and Ryobi in its lineup, TTI Group has been a manufacturing force since ’71, earning $13.2 billion in revenue in 2021. Established in 1971, TTI is a notable player in the industrial scene, specializing in electronic components distribution. Known for operational excellence, TTI boasts a diverse product range and a well-knit supply chain.

With an illustrious lineage including powerhouse brands like Milwaukee, Ryobi, and Hoover, TTI Group’s legacy in the industrial landscape is undeniable. 

Private Sales 101

TTI’s private sales site isn’t a typical e-commerce platform. It operates more like an exclusive club, reserved for its workforce, where premium products come with an exclusive touch. This strategic approach not only enhances team spirit but also sustains a heightened sense of excitement among the employees.

One of the important factors in TTI’s success is its private sales website – a sanctuary for exclusive deals.

FnF Private Sales’ Key Features

1. Spending Controls Limits

To prevent misuse, TTI employs strict regulations on its staff site. Employees are limited in the number and total cost of products they can purchase in a year, recalculated post-returns and reset annually after December 30th. 

Our intricate spending limit system, categorizing by brands, products, and customers, ensures correct rule application, automatically notifying customers as they add items to their cart. There are also limits set on the number of products purchased per account based on the products’ type: 

  • Type A (New products)
  • Type L (Demo products)
  • Type C (Refurbished products)

All of these limits are facilitated by complicated logics; demanding a deep understanding of the rules themselves and expertise to execute the logics smoothly. 

Private Sales Site Essentials for FnF – TTi include Logic-Control Spending Limits, Integration with SAP & PIM

2. SAP Integration

SAP, a well-known ERP system, manages all the products inventory and pricing. 18 websites in Friends and Family Magento are integrated with SAP via API and CSV files exchange. Product stock quantity from multiple warehouses and price are synced from SAP to Magento periodically. Once an order is placed successfully in Magento, it is pushed to SAP for processing. When the order is shipped, SAP sends a notification to Magento and Magento updates customers about shipping status and captures money. 

A mechanism is implemented to make sure all data is synchronized properly, taking into account SAP maintenance downtime windows. A customized rule based warehouse selection mechanism is used to select the right warehouse when pushing orders from Magento to SAP. This optimizes logistic cost and improves delivery time. 

3. PIM Efficiency

The integration with PIM software is a highlight for TTI’s website. Managing products from various brands across Europe, PIM minimizes administrator workload. Weekly data imports keep the site’s Power Tool product range up-to-date, with over 6,000 displayed and 10,000+ total products from brands like Milwaukee, AEG, and Ryobi. Every product detail, from images to attributes, seamlessly flows from PIM to Magento via XML export files.


The integration with SAP and PIM added a layer of sophistication to the process. It streamlined order processing across multiple views, managing information seamlessly and ensuring a smooth customer experience. This behind-the-scenes tech magic allowed TTI to focus on what matters – delivering quality products.


In summary, TTI Group’s private sales venture is a practical success story that has made a meaningful impact over the past five years – increased revenue, stronger team cohesion, and more efficient customer engagement. TTI’s journey suggests businesses consider practical, human-centric innovation. To explore how these insights could benefit your business, reach out to us. Let’s discuss tailored solutions and set your course for sustained success.

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