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Driving Profits Through Private Sales - TTI Group's Success Story

In the realm of global manufacturing and power tools, TTI Group stands as a beacon of excellence.  As a global force, the TTI Group has not only revolutionized the industry but has also established itself as a trailblazer in the European market. TTI’s strategic prowess is exemplified by its private sales channel exclusively designed for its employees. This case study delves into the narrative of TTI’s thriving staff site (FnF – Friend and Family), uncovering the secret behind its profit-boosting formula.

A Glimpse into TTI’s Empire

Synonymous with “Powerful Brands, Innovative Products, Operational Excellence, and Exceptional People”, TTI’s journey since its inception in 1971 has been marked by a diverse product portfolio and an intricate supply chain network. The corporation holds a significant role in global manufacturing and the advancement of products, maintains a financially steady position with an unprecedented worldwide revenue of $13.2 billion in the year 2021, and employs over 47,000 individuals as of mid-2022.

With an illustrious lineage including powerhouse brands like Milwaukee, Ryobi, and Hoover, TTI Group’s legacy in the industrial landscape is undeniable. 

The Private Sales Paradigm

One of the important factors in TTI’s success is its private sales website – a sanctuary for exclusive deals. Unlike regular e-commerce platforms, this form of discreet marketplace thrives on scarcity. Customers access premium products while sellers streamline operations, nurturing loyalty and revenue flow. Operating on a sample sales principle, private sales platforms become powerful tools for fostering community engagement and sharing enthusiasm among friends.


A private sales site diverges from conventional e-commerce by shunning search engines, enforcing strict purchase rules, and maintaining a robust account management system. TTI’s staff site exemplifies this by demanding employee training and compliance with its Terms of Service for account approval.

One of the important factors in TTI’s success is its private sales website – a sanctuary for exclusive deals.

Building Blocks: Private Sales Site Essentials

  • Logic-Control Spending Limits: Preventing misuse, TTI crafted regulations to cap product purchases per employee per year. Spending thresholds, recalculated upon returns and reset annually, ensure responsible buying.
  • Integration with SAP: TTI’s FnF website seamless integration with SAP, an ERP software, orchestrates 18 Store Views across Europe. Orders process seamlessly between platforms, while information about shipments, tracking codes, pricing, and stock remain synchronized.
  • Integration with PIM: Product Information Management (PIM) software eases the load on administrators. Managing thousands of products across brands and warehouses, PIM imports data into Magento, encompassing visuals, attributes, and much more.


Private Sales Site Essentials for FnF – TTi include Logic-Control Spending Limits, Integration with SAP & PIM

Private Sales: The Success Revealed

TTI’s private sales endeavor yielded resounding success. Revenue surges from the staff site echoed the effectiveness of their approach. The partnership between TTI and DTN, the orchestrator of this achievement, was strengthened. Throughout the years, DTN’s support and collaboration partly contributed to TTI’s position as the dominant provider in the industry.

Your Private Sales Odyssey Begins

Embarking on a journey akin to TTI’s private sales feat is a challenge, but with DTN, it’s a challenge turned opportunity. From intricate account management for a multitude of users to sophisticated system integrations, DTN provides the compass to navigate the labyrinth of private sales.


In conclusion, TTI Group’s foray into private sales isn’t just a success story; it’s a testament to the potential of curated commerce. The development of their staff site showcases the power of exclusivity, forging connections, and harnessing technology to drive profits in the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing and power tools.

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