E-commerce Solution for Fashion & Jewelry

E-commerce solutions for Fashion & Jewelry

Turn your online shop into a runway to display your products. Motivate your customers by providing a seamless offline/online purchasing experience and outstanding visual merchandising.

User Experience

DTN provides services that strive for excellent usability across the board on all platforms. Your consumers will find it even more enjoyable to explore the amazing world of beauty anywhere!

Headless E-commerce

DTN continually prioritizes APIs and systems for a variety of channels, including headless commerce. Future security and growth possibilities will be advantageous to your e-commerce website.

Fast Time To Market

A quick time to market is essential in the constantly evolving Fashion & Jewelry sectors. You can quickly bring your ideas to life using our services.

Content Commerce​

In the absence of the actual experience of trying on things, e-commerce websites offering fashion and jewelry must cultivate client loyalty and inspire trust. DTN offers exceptional flexibility so you may make the most of your time on the site as an essential part of your business plan.

SNS Integration

For a long time, social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest have given consumers the newest fashion ideas. Wherever your clients are seeking inspiration, sell there. Utilizing DTN service, you may post your items on Instagram or other social media platforms to connect with buyers at the ideal point in their customer journey.

Product Configurator

Customers enjoy items that they can alter to suit their preferences and requirements, whether it be in terms of size, color, or material, especially in the fashion and jewelry industry. With only a few clicks, your customers can visualize all product versions and select the one that best meets their needs.

Customer ratings and reviews

Clothes, accessories, jewelries… Customers heavily rely on internet product reviews and ratings when deciding whether to buy such goods or services. They increase customer confidence and give you the information you need to better meet their demands. So, in order for your clients to readily contribute, does your site require a trustworthy review system? Definitely!

Availability Request

Your clients may learn if the chosen product is still available by using an availability query. If only a few copies remain, a potential purchasing choice is hastened. This might increase your overall sales, whether they are made online or off.

Store Locator

Customers frequently prefer to shop locally, check products out first, research the closest store, and review pertinent information. By using a Google Maps locator, you can assist customers in finding your actual location. In order to make appointments easier for you and your clients, we may provide you a location-based booking system.

Payment Gateways

DTN has integrated various payment gateways, namely: Adyen, Paypal, Klarna, Stripe, eWay, Square, Amazon Pay, Ipay88, and Cypersource. This completely digitalizes the way your customers pay and remove barriers to order completion.



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