E-commerce Solution for Household Appliances & Heavy duty Tools

E-commerce solutions for Household Appliances & Heavy duty Tools

Setting up and managing a function-rich, fast and appealing online store is not an easy task - but it can be! Let us help you save time, effort and personnel with the right solutions. Worry not - Your autonomy is still intact!

User Experience

DTN provides services that strive for excellent usability across the board on all platforms. Your consumers will find it even more enjoyable to explore the amazing world of beauty anywhere!

Headless E-commerce

DTN continually prioritizes APIs and systems for a variety of channels, including headless commerce. Future security and growth possibilities will be advantageous to your e-commerce website.

Fast Time To Market

A quick time to market is essential in the constantly evolving Household Appliances & Tool sectors. You can quickly bring your ideas to life using our services.

Content Commerce​

Due to the lack of a real product test, e-commerce websites that offer household appliances and heavy duty tools must foster client loyalty and confidence. DTN offers unparalleled versatility so that you can maximize your site experience as a key element of your business plan.

SNS Integration

Your brand's presence on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram may influence the course of the competitive Household Appliances & Heavy duty Tools. Sync your product portfolio with social media platforms to sell, market, and measure results instantly.


A lot of goods go together really well. Bundles are a terrific approach to persuade customers to make larger purchases. Choose for yourself if you want to provide set pricing, percentage discounts, or constrained packages. Promote goods that sell less well individually and make bundle packages memorable with distinctive iconography.

Product Recommendation

Personal counsel is one of the POS's selling features, however the online store has a similar advantage. Include a product adviser that guides clients through the purchasing process by asking them specific questions and providing them with choices. By offering assistance and a specialized experience, you thrill your clients.

Store Locator

Customers often prefer to browse locally or try items out first, and look up the closest location and examine relevant information. Help your clients to locate your physical location by displaying a Google Maps locator. We can provide you with a location-based booking system, which smoothens appointments for both you and your customers.

Payment Gateways

DTN has integrated various payment gateways, namely: Adyen, Paypal, Klarna, Stripe, eWay, Square, Amazon Pay, Ipay88, and Cypersource. This completely digitalizes the way your customers pay and remove barriers to order completion.



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